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In the wild west of Kurzeme, nature is different -  meadows there and forests here, a hill,  a small pond there. Everything changes, moves and lives all the time. Something is constantly happening in the forest. We want to show you - what a forest really is. The fallen spruce, studying it, turns out to be home to so many interesting lives and species and everything around is so alive. The fallen trees over the river have created zigzags, and a little further on the Beaver family once had a house. Deer feet and fox feet can be found all around and a sometimes you can hear a raccoon bark at night.

Our vigvams will allow you to enjoy peace, relax your ears from the sounds of the city, and enjoy the time, leisurely and natural, comfortable and nature-friendly.

spend the night in nature

The wigwams is equipped with everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay. Soft and warm bed, kitchen corner with everything you need to make tea, lights and forest sounds, a fireplace by the river. Each place of the wigwams is unique and different, each with its own story.




The vigvams are located in an environment with a relief of few metres. In order to be able to see, feel and understand real and untouched nature, we have left it in the forest as it is. With fallen trees, mosses, full of surprises and a home for a living being, is in the process of transforming into something completely different. The location of each campsite is different, but all are on the banks of the river and with a cliff 2-5 meters high, which in some places is quite steep, be careful. The animals of the forest also live with us undisturbed, and deer will often graze in the meadow at dawn, and one of the wigwams can have a bunny stopping by, one has a beaver family and a pair of badgers nearby. We respect all living things and accept nature around us and live in peace without disturbing each other.

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